Since 1956, our family has provided Chicago’s most discriminating clientele with couture fabricare service ( Coupling old-world techniques with state-of-the-art equipment, we have earned national recognition as a leader in the dry-cleaning industry.   Our hard work and dedication to superior quality and service above expectations has been recognized by publications such as Vogue, Esquire, and Chicago magazine. Most importantly, we have earned the trust of Chicago’s premiere retailers as the go-to service for dry-cleaning and alterations.

Over the course of more than 60 years in business, we have seen numerous fashion trends come and go—from polyester and velvet to spandex and athleisure wear. We have had a front-row seat to the impact on small business of recessions, terrorism, and war, as well as economic growth and prosperity. By sticking to our principles of honesty, integrity, superior quality, and never saying no to our clients, we have continued to grow, and today, we operate as a third generation business with more than fifty employees.

The current pandemic has presented a new set of challenges, questions, demands, and uncertainty. Since mid-March, we have fielded hundreds of calls regarding the making of face masks. Initially we declined and worked only locally to provide for local facilities and “legacy clients” who were truly in need.

However, over the last month of talking with even more clients, we realized there was a real need for a quality face mask. Together with our seven seamstresses, we spent hundreds of hours examining what was currently available and determined we needed to create this product the Davis Way: a unique approach to a simple product emphasizing the importance of quality fabrics, durable couture construction, and pattern selection that focused on ease of use and comfort. Together, we launched Masks by Davis Imperial.

For individuals looking for an ear-to-ear, single layer, pleated mask that has become so common, we are not your destination. However, for clients seeking premium fabrics and a comfortable design that makes “the new normal” normal, then let us welcome you to